Whats App In Action Against Fake Message Forward-To Limit Forwards To 5 Chats In India

WhatsApp has mentioned in a blog post on Thursday that it is launching a test to limit forwarding a whats app in India. Indians forward messages and videos more than any other country in the world.  Step in this direction came from WhatsApp as recently India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had warned WhatsApp to come up with more effective solutions to stop mob violence due to fake news forwards on the platform.whatsapp

Recently there were some series of violent incidents in India have triggered by false messaging and government said in statement that platforms like WhatsApp need more to do for this.

There are around 100 crore users connected to WhatsApp around the world and almost 20% users are alone from India. Keeping this in mind, the company is planning to start a test to limit forwards to 5 chats.

The option of quick forward button next to media message will also be removed.

We should look forward to this change by WhasApp which will really help tackling fake news and rumour spreading thats increased in recent days.