How To Reduce Internet Data Usage In Windows 10

Are you suffering with more data usage in windows 10  problems ? If you have noticed, Windows 10 loves to feast on data and in no time would you see them disappearing strangely. Even though we can set the connection to ‘Metered’ the data still fast diminished without any clue.

Want to find out what’s causing your data to disappear?  This post will not only guide you through how to set your connection as “Metered” under the settings, but will also show you how to reduce Windows 10 internet data usage.

Tips to Save your Data Consumption on Windows 10 OS

1.  Select “Metered” as your Data Connection

i) –       Go to Settings

ii–        Now, Click on Network & Internet

iii )–   Now, Click on Wifi in Left menu

iv)  – Now, Click on your connected Wifi Network on the right side.

v)- Finally , Toggle on the option saying Set as Metered Connection

2. Switch Off Background Apps

Background apps consumes a lot of data ,in that mail related application continues feast a data. so we have to switch off the some background apps.

i)–Go to Settings

ii)–click on “Privacy” and now locate Background apps

iii)–Switch off the Background apps options

iv)– Then scroll through and switch off any other apps that you think you do not require and are finishing your data.

3.Limit Windows 10 Update share on Bandwidth

i)–   Go to settings

ii)–  Click on Update & Security

iii)– Click on Windows update from the left menu.

iv) – Now, click on advanced options from right side.

v)-Now click on delivery optimization

vi) – Now, check all the options and drag the slider to minimum value.


4.Turn off Auto update of offline Maps in windows 10

If you have any offline maps saved on your PC, they can be updated automatically for the changes. However this auto-update can be disabled using following steps and internet data usage can be minimized.

i) Go to Settings

ii) Apps

iii)Offline Maps

iv) Turn off the option Automatically Update Maps.


5.Disable OneDrive

One Drive is one of the other background apps in the Windows 10 that depletes your data in no time. It is indeed one of the most crucial apps in the Windows 10 OS disabling which can be a radical step, however, not many of us need it running in the background at all time

How to Disable OneDrive:

1. Go to TaskManager

2. Click on is the “Startup” tab.

3.From list select “Microsoft OneDrive”.

4.Then right click on “Microsoft OneDrive” and choose disable it.

6.Deactivate Live Tiles

“Live Tiles” option “On” will keep the News application running in the background which will constantly keep you updated with the latest Feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Mail or Weather are certain apps that are interconnected with the Feed and will keep retrieving the News automatically. In case if you are not interested in the Feeds you can deactivate it the “Live Tiles” and opt out of it.

  1. Right click on the option “Tile” and select the option that says “Turn live tile off” and you are done!

7. Deactivate PC Synchronization Function
  1. Setting
  2. Then go to Accounts
  3. Sync your settings and slide it to Off.

These steps will surely help you minimize your data usage on Windows 10.

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