5 Tips To Master Your Google Search

Google Search has become necessity to get required information in today’s world. Its helping world in every possible way right from the food to directions and search whatever you need to know about in this world.

However many of you might not be aware of these Google search tips which helps in getting exactly the content that you are looking for from the ocean of information available on web.

1.  ~Tilde

Use tilde during google search if you want the word’s synonyms also to be considered in search results.


Above example will search for the synonym words for ‘classes’ like ‘coaching’,’training’ and lessons etc.

2. site:

This operator is used if you want to search from specific website.

site:nytimes.com ‘Search Text’

Above example will search for particular search text only from the website nytimes.com

3. “Quotation Marks”

Using quotation marks enables you to google search exactly the same word or phrase meaning all search results will have your search word in them.

“Cloud Computing Future”

Above examples search result will have exactly the same words included in them.

4. | Vertical Bar

Using vertical bars in google search text shows results containing one/two or all words mentioned in search.


Above search will show the results containing one/two or all three words in them.

5. – Dashes

Dashes are used if you want particular word to be excluded from the google search results.


Above search will show results excluding the word kitty in them.

Next time you do a google search, I know you will search like a pro 🙂